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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sports: Yankees becoming fiscally responsible

Well that is if this source is true, that the Yankees will be trading Randy Johnson by weeks end.
The Arizona Diamondbacks expect to complete a deal with the New York Yankees by the end of the week to bring back pitcher Randy Johnson, a high-ranking Diamondbacks official familiar with the negotiations told USA TODAY.

The clubs have agreed on the package of players the Diamondbacks will send to the Yankees, according to a club official from each team — two minor league pitchers and a major league reliever.

The deal has not been completed because of money issues, including how much the Yankees will pay toward Johnson's $16 million contract in 2007.

The Diamondbacks official also said they would like to sign Johnson to a one-year extension that would be a pay cut from his '07 salary, as well as restructure the $40 million deferred payments the left-hander is owed from his 1999-2004 stint with the team.

I think this is great for the Yankees, unfortunately, but very stupid for the Diamondbacks. The Yankees won't give up Randy for nothing, so I'm sure the Dbacks will have to give up some decent prospects if not a major league ready player in the deal. And for what? A has been who is on the wrong side of 40 that has a bad back and no knees.

If this goes through, I can see the Yankees throwing $20+ million at Roger Clemens for a one year contract.

The Yankees rotation has a good chance of being better than the Redsox.

1. Chien-Ming Wang
2. Roger Clemens
3. Andy Pettitte
4. Mike Mussina
5. Carl Pavano (if healthy)

Actually in 2nd thought, that doesn't look that impressive. So I guess I'm worrying for nothing. They would be better with Roger than with Randy, but either way, it is an old beat up starting rotation.


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