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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sports: NFL Weekend

What a weekend, we finally have all the play off spots all set.

Unfortunatly the New York Giants won Saturday night, so they clinched the last play off sport in the NFC so that rendered all the other games useless. After they won, all 6 play off spots were clinched. And when the Cowboys lost to the pitiful Lions the Eagles by default clinched the NFC East. If I were the Lions I would have lost on purpose just so I could get the number 1 pick. Now they screwed themselves out of Brady Quinn.

The AFC was all but set coming into this week. Both the Jets and Broncos were 9-6 and had easy games to clinch. The Jets followed through with a 23-3 romping of the Raiders, who will now take Brady Quinn with the number 1 pick. But the Broncos couldn't hold up their end, they got embarrassed by the 49ers at home losing 26-23 in overtime. Which is sad, considering I thought they were the best team in football after they beat the Patriots earlier this year.

Which the Broncos losing the Chiefs got in beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 35-30. Now all the play off seeds are finally set in stone.

This weekend we will have:

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts
New York Jets at New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks
New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Predictions coming later this week.


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