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Friday, January 05, 2007

Sports: NFL Play off Predictions

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

Both teams have limped into the play offs. After started 9-0 the Colts finished the year 12-4. 12-4 sounds like a good record, but that means they went 3-4 in their last 7 games. That's not the way I'd want to go into the play offs. The Chiefs only got into the play offs because 4 other teams, that would have been ahead of them, all lost. Sure the Chiefs had to win to get in, and they did, but I don't consider them going into the play offs on a high note.

The Colts can't stop the run, which is why they went 3-4 in their last 7 games. The Chiefs on the other hand have arguable one of the top 3 running backs in the league. I think the Chiefs will run wild on the Colts and control the clock. Sure the high powered offense of Indy will still put up some points, but not enough to beat the Chiefs. In the end, Ty Law will have a big interception in the 4th quarter to seal the game for the Cheifs.

34-28 Chiefs win.

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

Neither team is going into the play off strong either. The Seahawks won their division by default, because every one else in the NFC west stunk it up this year. The Cowboys at one point had the NFC East division wrapped up and were considered the best team in the NFC, but that has changed drastically. After Tony Romo's hot start they have floundered, losing their last 2 games going into the play offs. Seattle at least has an excuse for only finishing 9-7. Their two best players have been hurt for most the year, Shawn Alexander and Matt Hasselback. Both players are completely healthy and that should be the difference in the game.

I expect Tony Romo to struggle in his first play off game and throw a couple of picks and fumble the ball at least once. A healthy attack of Shawn Alexander along with the 12th man of Seattle will be too much for the Cowboys to handle.

31-17 Seattle wins

New York Jets at New England Patriots

It is no shock that I am a Patriots fan, so I maybe a little biased. But I give credit to where it is due. The Jets came into Foxboro and beat the Patriots 17-14 back in week 10. Patriots didn't play their best game and they had a bunch of people out with injuries, but that is no excuse, they still should have won the game. And that is what they will do Sunday, Patriots will win.

Since Belichick took over the Patriots, they have not lost twice to the same team in the same year. And that streak will continue. Belichick got embarrassed when he lost to his former protege in week 10, he will not let that happen again.

28-7 Patriots win.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

The NFC East was a wreck this year. After 8 games, the Giants were 6-2 and were arguably the best team in the NFC outside of the Bears. After a huge collapse the Giants finished the year 8-8 and limped into the play offs. The Eagles on the other hand were left for dead after McNabb went down for the year with an injury. Garcia took the Eagles on his back and the players played their hearts out for him and they ended up winning the NFC East and are the hottest team in the NFC going into the play offs.

After 3 years in the league Eli Manning should be further ahead than he is. The trade with the Chargers is turning out to be a colossal mistake. Phillip Rivers is twice the QB Eli is not to mention the steroid monster Shawn Merriman that the Chargers took with the 1st round pick the Giants gave up. But that is a whole nothing discussion.

In the end, Manning will throw a pick late in the game, much like his older brother will, to seal the game for the Eagles.

17-14 Eagles win


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