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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sports: Zito to the Giants

This surprised the hell out of me. I fully expected a bidding war between Texas, Mets, and the Yankees for Barry Zito. But he just signed a 7 year deal with the Giants for $126 million.
Barry Zito is staying in the Bay Area with the San Francisco Giants.
ources told ESPN's Peter Gammons that the former Oakland A's pitcher has agreed to a seven-year, $126 million contract with the Giants.

The deal includes an $18 million option for 2014 and a complete no-trade clause, a source told's Jerry Crasnick.

If Zito pitches 600 innings over the last three years of the agreement, 400 innings over the last two or 200 in the final year of the deal, he can either exercise a player option or opt out of the contract.

Zito is scheduled to have a physical Friday, and the Giants planned to announce their agreement with the three-time All-Star later in the day. His decision to sign with the Giants first was reported on

I understand why Zito signed with the Giants. He loves and lives in the Bay Area. So when you can get $126 million you mine as well do it in a place you are familiar with and already enjoy.

I didn't expect the Giants to be a player with any of the big named prospects after they resigned Barry Bonds. I thought they would just make a butt load of money this year off Bonds while he chases the home run record and start fresh next year going after free agents.

Good for the Giants though. Sure they over paid for Zito, but he is still a good starter and I love the fact that he won't be pitching for the Yankees next year. No chance at that now.

Now I wonder if the Yankees will trade away Randy Johnson, if I were a better man, and I am, I'd say Johnson will be pitching in the Bronx again next year now. Either that or Cashman has already called Roger Clemens.


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