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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sports: No Redsox news to report

The big question on my mind is what is going on with JD Drew? I haven't squat since he failed the physical the Redsox gave him. I'm glad he failed it because I thought 5 years $70 million was way too much for someone who will spend half the time on the DL. So what could be going on?

Are the Redsox just sticking it to Scott Boras because of the Matuzaka negotiations? This is highly unlikely. As much as Scott Boras is a douche bag, sticking it to Boras would be a bad idea for the Redsox as he controls much of the top talent out there in baseball. The Redsox would lose out on too many of the top level performers if they piss off Boras.

Are they giving into the fans? I've never seen the Redsox Nation in such an uproar over an off season move. Most, if not all the fans including myself, hated this signing. But again, I don't think Theo and Company sign or don't sign players based on what the fans want. At least not to this extent. I think he proved that in 2004 when he traded away one of the most beloved Redsox Stars in Nomar Garciapara.

I think they are just having a hard time agreeing to guaranteed numbers. If Theo can sign JD Drew to a shorter contract year wise and for less guaranteed money with a lot of incentives I'd be ecstatic. I think JD Drew is a great player when healthy, but I don't trust his health. I don't know how MLB contracts work with incentives, but if the Sox sign him for a 3 year $30 million contract with option years in he gets so many at bats per season with enough incentives in home runs, RBIs, Runs, and at bats to make the $14 million a year if he meats or exceeds the marks I'd be more than happy to have him.


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