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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NFL Playoff picture

With 9 out of the 12 spots set for the NFL playoffs, there are still many different scenarios for week 17.

In the AFC the Jets and Broncos lead the Wild Card race with 9-6 records. They control their own destinies. If they win they are in. If they lose, another team could squeak by them for the last wild card spot. I think both the Broncos and Jets will win and get into the play offs.

The NFC is a little trickier with 5 teams at 7-8 all vying for the last wild card birth. My hope is that Bret Farve and the Green Bay Packers can make it in with an 8-8 record, but I doubt that will happen.

Giants vs Redskins

The Giants have the easiest match up this week, at least win-loss wise. The Giants have been in control of their destiny this whole season, and they have blown it. They started 5-2 and should have coasted to a division title, especially with all the talent on the NY Giants. I don't know who is to blame, the couch, Eli Mannins, Tiki Barber, or the media. Either way they should beat the Redskins and make it into the play offs.

Packers vs The Bears

This game should be a give me for the Bears as they are arguably the best team in the NFC. But they have already clinched the #1 spot and home field advantage through out the entire play offs. So they have nothing to gain from playing their starters and only injuries to sustain.

Panthers vs The Saints

The Panthers are much like the Giants, a huge disappointment. A lot of people picked them to make it to the Superbowl this year. I didn't think the Saints would go anywhere this year and have surprised the football world. But just like the Bears they don't have anything to play for either. They have the #2 spot clinched and can't surpass the Bears. The Panthers should win this game too.

Falcons vs the Eagles

The Falcons are up and down more than most hookers. They are just that inconsistant. They are one team that no one wants to play in the play offs because of Michael Vick. Both teams need to win here and I just think the Eagles are the better team and are playing for the NFC East division against the Cowboys.

Rams vs the Vikings

I really don't know much about either team, as they both aren't that good. The Vikings have a good run defense and the Rams have a good pass offense. I saw the Patriots pick apart the Vikings pass defense earlier this year and I expect the Rams to do the same. Rams win.


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