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Friday, November 10, 2006

Sports: Hopefully this isn't true

According to ESPN sources Redsox may be the top bidder for Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The Boston Red Sox may have posted the top bid for the right to negotiate with Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka, according to Major League Baseball sources.

There has been no official announcement, and the Seibu Lions, Matsuzaka's team in Japan, have until Tuesday to accept or reject the high bid.

But, according to officials monitoring the bidding, the Red Sox bid may be between $38 million and $45 million.

And that is just for the rights to negotiate with him. That is fucking crazy. I can't believe the Redsox wouldn't pony the extra money to sign Derrick Lowe or Johnny Damon, but they will bid between $38-45 million just for the rights for someone they might not even sign.

If this is true and if the Redsox sign Matsuzaka he better win the Cy Young award and better bring the Redsox another World Championship. Otherwise there is no way anyone is worth that much just to negotiate with Scott Boras.


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