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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thoughts: The country should take notice of this small town

A small town in Maryland has made English the official language of the town.
English is now the official language of this central Maryland town of 5,000, after the Taneytown City Council approved a nonbinding resolution, deciding against a charter that had drawn complaints from civil rights groups and residents.

"This issue is not, I repeat not, about giving up your native tongue," said Councilman Paul Chamberlain, Jr., the resolution's sponsor, after Tuesday's vote. "All we're asking is if you become a U.S. citizen, please speak English. There are two reasons: one, you can have greater opportunities to realize the American Dream, and two, so that we can communicate."
The official and only language of the United States should be English.

Sports: National Leauge Cy Young award winner

I thought, and still think, Trevor Hoffman deserved the award. But as it turns out, Brandon Webb is the 2006 Cy Young Award winner.

In reality no one in the National League deserved to win as no one had a stand out year. I don't see how someone with only 16 wins can win the Cy Young award, but I guess that is why I don't get a vote on them.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Sports: Hopefully this isn't true

According to ESPN sources Redsox may be the top bidder for Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The Boston Red Sox may have posted the top bid for the right to negotiate with Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka, according to Major League Baseball sources.

There has been no official announcement, and the Seibu Lions, Matsuzaka's team in Japan, have until Tuesday to accept or reject the high bid.

But, according to officials monitoring the bidding, the Red Sox bid may be between $38 million and $45 million.

And that is just for the rights to negotiate with him. That is fucking crazy. I can't believe the Redsox wouldn't pony the extra money to sign Derrick Lowe or Johnny Damon, but they will bid between $38-45 million just for the rights for someone they might not even sign.

If this is true and if the Redsox sign Matsuzaka he better win the Cy Young award and better bring the Redsox another World Championship. Otherwise there is no way anyone is worth that much just to negotiate with Scott Boras.

Thoughts: Iraqi forces arrest Al Qaeda leader

Al Qaeda may have won Tuesday with the Democrats taking over the House and Senate but they lost their leader last night.

Iraqi security forces said they arrested the head of an Al Qaeda cell in a western Iraqi city on Friday, as the U.S. military announced the deaths of two soldiers and a Marine.

State television, meanwhile, said the speaker of Iraq's parliament, Mahmoud al-Mash'hadani, was to travel to neighboring Iran on Friday to attend a conference of Asian parliamentarians.

Iraqiya TV didn't say when al-Mash'hadani was due to arrive in the Iranian capital, Tehran, and calls to his office and the parliamentary spokesman rang unanswered on Friday, a public holiday in Iraq.

cting on a tip-off, soldiers descended on a building in the city of Rawah, 275 kilometers (175 miles) northwest of Baghdad, where they arrested local Al Qaeda commander Abu Muhayyam al-Masri, whose name is a pseudonym meaning, "the Egyptian," a Defense Ministry official said.

Aides Abu Issam al-Libi, or "the Libyan," and Abu Zaid al-Suri, "the Syrian," were also arrested among nine other members of the cell, said the official, who asked that his name not be used because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Capturing any Al Qaeda members is a big deal, but nabbing the leader should be a huge deal. But I'm sure the liberal media won't report this as widely as they should.

Thoughts: New chairman of the Republican National Committee

After the Republicans took a thumping this past election the RNC will ask Michael Steele to head the RNC.
Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, whose party just lost both chambers of Congress, will leave his position in January, and the post as party chief has been offered to Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele.
"It is true," Mr. Mehlman told The Washington Times when asked about reports last night that he would resign. "It's something I decided over the summer. No one told me I needed to. In fact, folks wanted me to stay."
Mr. Mehlman said he "told the White House over the summer it was my decision" to leave the RNC post, "win, lose or draw."
Also last night, Republican officials told The Times that Mr. Steele, who lost his bid for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, has been sought out to succeed Mr. Mehlman as national party chairman. Those Republican officials said Mr. Steele had not made a decision whether to take the post, as of last night.
I like this move for the Republicans. Michael Steele ran a good campaign, although he did come up a little short. Hopefully Michael Steele will take the Republicans back to their conservative roots and bring us back to the glory land in 2008.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thoughts: What happened to three strikes and your out?

This has to be at least the third time, if not more, that Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. There comes a point where you just have to put her away for good.
Activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Wednesday as she led about 50 protesters to a White House gate Wednesday to deliver anti-war petitions she said were signed by 80,000 Americans.

The Berkeley, Calif., woman, whose son was killed in Iraq more than two years ago, was arrested along with three other women on the sidewalk outside the White House gate, said Lt. Scott Fear, a U.S. Park Police spokesman. They were charged with interfering with a government function, he said.

Before she was arrested, she joined the protesters in hailing the outcome of Tuesday's elections and chanting "Stop the War" outside the gate.

"It was taking too long for them to decide whether to accept them or not, so we just delivered them," said Sheehan, who waited about 15 minutes with other protesters before tossing the petitions over the fence.

Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace to her son and to all the troops. She should be ashamed of her self. I really don't think she even cares about her son, all I think she cares about is her own personal goals. She is using her son's tragic death as a way to accomplish her goals.