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Monday, October 02, 2006

Sports: End of the year awards

My mid-season awards.

AL Most Valuable Player: 1: Justin Morneau
2: Derek Jeter
3: David Ortiz

AL Cy Young Award Winner: 1: Johan Santana
2: Chien-Ming Wang
3: Roy Hallady

AL Rookie of the Year: 1: Justin Verlander
2: Jonathon Papelbon
3: Francisco Liriano

AL Manager of the Year: 1: Ron Gardenier
2. Jim Leyland
3. Joe Torre

AL Comeback Player of the Year: 1. Frank Thomas
2. Jim Thome
3. Curt Schilling

AL Biggest Surprise: 1. Detroit Tigers
2. Twins overtaking the Tigers for 1st place

AL Biggest Disappointment: 1. Boston Redsox finishing 3rd
2. Cleveland Indians

NL Most Valuable Player: 1. Albert Pujols
2. Ryan Howard
3. Alfonso Soriono

NL Cy Young Award Winner: 1. Trevor Hoffman
2. Roy Oswalt
3. Brandon Webb

NL Rookie of the Year: 1. Dan Uggla
2. Josh Johnson
3. Ryan Zimmerman/Hanly Ramirez

NL Manager of the Year: 1. Joe Girardi
2. Willie Randolph
3. Bruce Bocky

NL Comeback Player of the Year: 1. NOMAH
2. Edgar Renteria
3. Carlos Beltran

NL Biggest Surprise: 1. Braves finally losing the division
2. Cincinnati Reds

NL Biggest Disappointment: 1. Chicago Cubs
2. Atlanta Braves


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