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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sports: Redsox win another one

So how many in a row is this now? Oh ya that's right, with the win last night the Redsox have won 12 games in a row. Even though it has been against the National League, who are god awful, it is still very impressive. Schilling won his 10th game and Papelbon had another scoreless 9th inning for his 24th save. And if anyone watched the game or saw the highlights, Coco Crisp made a catch for the decade, diving while running towards the fence to make the catch.

The more impressive streak, well I guess I'd rather have the winning streak, but what ever, it is still impressive. The Sox played another errorless game and have now tied a MLB record and surpassing the American League record with 16 consecutive errorless games. That just tells you how good the Sox defense is. This is the best defense I've ever seen out of the Boston Redsox.


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