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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sports: It happened again

The Yankees can no longer hold a lead, they blew another lead to the Nationals, losing 3-2. I watched the game all the way to the 8th inning and fell asleep before the 9th. The Yankees have over used their bullpen so basically no one was available to close it out. They sent a tired Wang into the bottom of the 9th and he just couldn't get the last 3 outs.

Want to talk about more horrible bullpens?? How about the Redsox and Braves. The Redsox won 10-7. But there was literally two games played in this one. The first one was a pitching duel between John Smoltz and Curt Schilling. Through 6 innings it was 3-2 Redsox, then the bullpen took over for both teams. The next 3 innings the Redsox slugged 7 runs and the Braves scored 5. The Sox won't be able to win every game if their bullpen can't even hold the Braves.

The only good thing now, the Sox are now 1 game ahead of the Yankees for first place in the American League East.


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