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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sports: How do the Yanks keep on winning

Half their team is hurt and to make matters worse, Sheffield will be out till September.
Yankees right fielder Gary Sheffield will undergo surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist but is not expected to miss the rest of the season, general manager Brian Cashman said on Thursday.

Sheffield originally hurt the wrist when he collided at first base with Shea Hillenbrand of the Toronto Blue Jays on April 29. He missed three games, returned for two games and then went on the disabled list May 9 with a contusion and sprain of the wrist and missed 16 games.

He returned on May 23, made five starts as a designated hitter and then returned to right field on May 29. Two days later, he went back on the DL with the ligament tear.

"I am told it's not a season-ending injury," Cashman said before the Yankees played Boston. "He experienced worse pain after he tried to come back. Surgery is being recommended. It wasn't an option earlier."

Things are not looking good for the Yankees. Yet the pisser is, who ever they call up plays good. Who the hell ever heard of Melky Cabrera? I know I never did, but yet he is playing good. With the Yankees offence, they don't exactly need an All Star at every position, sad thing is, the Yankees are probably better with a Cabrera instead of Gary Sheffield.

With all the star power the Yankees have, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, and the list could go on forever, they can get complacent. But when they see players like Cabrera and Cano hustling it makes the stars step it up a notch. Stars need to see that otherwise they just don't perform as well.

I know Cashman is a great GM. I fully expect him to tell Gary Sheffield to go screw at the end of the year. Why would you want to pay someone 15 million when you can have Melky Cabrera play a good outfield for less than a million.

Of course if George Steinbrenner has anything to say about it Gary Sheffield will be starting for the New York Yankees next year and they will be that much older.


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