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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thoughts: Why are liberals still in power

This is why liberals are dangerous to the country. Senate Democrats won't even allow consideration to bar illigals convicted of felonys to gain US citizenship. According to Harry Reid it will hurt the bill. What a fucking joke.
Senate Democrats refused to allow consideration of an amendment yesterday that would bar illegal aliens convicted of felonys from obtaining U.S. citizenship. Democrats said the amendment would "gut" the immigration bill under consideration in the Senate and refused to allow a vote on it. "It hurts the bill," said Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. "It hurts the very foundation and what I believe is the spirit" of the legislation. Republican Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona and John Cornyn of Texas restated the purpose of their amendment and appeared incredulous that anyone would object to it. "I do not have to explain in any more detail than what I have as why I don't want to move forward," Mr. Reid said. "I don't agree with the amendment. I don't think it's going to benefit this legislation that is pending before the Senate and I'm going to do what I can to prevent a vote on it." Later, Mr. Reid added, "We're not going to allow amendments like Kyl-Cornyn to take out what we believe is the goodness of this bill." The entire bill is "in effect being blocked by the other side," said Majority Leader Bill Frist, Tennessee Republican. After debate over the bill ground to a halt last night, Democrats filed a "cloture motion" that could set up a final vote before the end of the week on an immigration bill that many conservatives view as "amnesty." The bill allows illegal aliens to pay a $2,000 fine and remain working in the U.S. while applying for citizenship.
Of course illigals shouldn't be allowed to gain citizenship in the first place, especially those convicted of a felony.

This is a huge issue among conservatives like me. If the Republicans don't block this or any of bill that would give amnesty to illigals they will lose in 2006 or in 2008. That is a fact. The majority of the people don't want illigals in this country.


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