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Friday, April 07, 2006

Thoughts: Senate Republicans vote down Imimmgration bill

I am not surprised the bill got voted down, what I'm surprised about is the fact that the Republicans were united. I didn't think that was possible anymore.
The Senate sidetracked sweeping immigration legislation Friday, leaving in doubt prospects for passing a bill offering the hope of citizenship to millions of men, women and children living in the United States illegally.

A carefully crafted compromise that supporters had claimed could win an overwhelming majority received only 38 of the 60 votes necessary to protect it from weakening amendments by opponents.

Republicans were united in the 38-60 parliamentary vote but Democrats, who have insisted on no amendments, lost six votes from their members.

Earlier Friday, President Bush prodded lawmakers to keeping trying to reach an agreement, but both sides said the odds were increasing that a breakthrough would not occur until Congress returns from a two-week recess.

"An immigration system that forces people into the shadows of our society, or leaves them prey to criminals is a system that needs to be changed," Bush said at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. "I'm confident that we can change our immigration system in ways that secures our border, respects the rule of law, and, as importantly, upholds the decency of our country."

Democrats and Republicans blamed each other for the stalemate.

I blame both the Democrats and Republicans too. This bill should never have got this far. Anything less than forced deportation and building a wall should not even be considered. I expect more out of Republicans than this. We own the House, Senate, and Presidency, we should not be introducing piece of crap legislations like this.


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