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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thoughts: Reason # 102456445 Why I love Israel

How can you not love Israel when they just randomly bomb the Palestinians leaders compound.
Israeli warplanes fired three missiles into the presidential compound of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday, wounding two people and leaving deep craters in the ground. Abbas was not there at the time.
Unfortunately he was not there.
The Israeli airstrike came in response to homemade Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel though it was not immediately clear why Abbas' compound was targeted. Abbas has been a strong critic of the rocket fire and has urged the new Hamas Cabinet to accept peacemaking with Israel.
It isn't quite clear on why they attacked Abbas' compound. Here is a thought, Abbas is the leader of a terrorist organization known has Hamas. Once he can control his peons, which will never happen, Israel won't have to bomb him.


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