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Monday, April 10, 2006

Thoughts: One of my favorite Democrats

Might not be one of my favorites anymore. Joe Lieberman, a Democratic senator in CT, thinks he might run as a independent in his next Senate run.
Sen. Joe Lieberman, facing a challenge from within the Democratic Party, said Monday he has not ruled out running as an independent in his bid for a fourth term. "I have not foreclosed the option," Lieberman said at a news conference at the Capitol. "If I wanted to run as an independent, I would. I'm running as a Democrat. I've been a Democrat all my life." Ned Lamont, a Democratic activist and anti-war candidate, is challenging Lieberman for the party's nomination this year. He has been garnering support from some Connecticut Democrats dissatisfied with Lieberman's stance on Iraq and his perceived closeness with President Bush's administration. The party will endorse a candidate at a convention on May 20.
Why not just run as the Republican. If the Democrats don't want one of the few level headed players in the party we will take him. The Republicans don't demand that you take up every single one of the conservatives core values. We like and demand debate in our party.


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