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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thoughts: Dems blast Bush for high gas price

I'm sick and tired of listening to this. Democrats try to portray their mistakes as Republican screw ups.

Democrats accused President George W. Bush of an "absence of leadership" for failing to slow the rapid rise of US gasoline (petrol) prices, which now have breached the three dollars per gallon mark in parts of the country.

In a letter to the president, 15 Democratic members of the US Senate also renewed their call for an "energy summit" to discuss strategies for tackling the rising cost of fuel, and urged his support for proposed anti-price gouging legislation.

We have thus far been disappointed by your administration's lack of response to our invitation to co-host an emergency bipartisan national energy summit. This offer still stands," the lawmakers wrote.

"In the absence of leadership or cooperation from your administration, we will soon be moving ahead with our own set of real solutions, which will spur the kind of innovation and investment America needs to secure its energy future for the 21st century," Democrats said.

Gasoline prices across the United States have seen a sharp hike in recent days, and experts are predicting that vacation travelers in July and August will face pump prices that are about 25 percent higher than last year.

Democrats -- who say the price hike is due in large part to price-gouging by oil producers -- are calling for strong consumer protection measures. They also urged aggressive programs to develop biofuels, alternative fuels and energy-saving technologies.

In reality it is the liberals who are to blame for our rising prices, not the Republicans. When was the last time the liberals let us build a refinery? Over 25 years last time I checked. We can get plenty of oil we just can't refine the stuff.

If either party was serious about lowering the price of gas at this moment they would propose a decrease in the state and federal taxes on gasoline. But neither side will do that as both sides depend on the money that comes into the government.


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