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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thoughts: Damn ruins my plans

Now I can't ejaculate on a girls face with out her permission.
Lawmakers were responding to the case of three UConn students accused of ejaculating onto a female student's face as she slept in a dormitory in September. The three men, who no longer attend the university, were charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency, but could not be charged with sexual assault under state law.

The incident caused widespread outrage as the state's victim advocate, chief state's attorney, women's groups and legislators vowed to close the loophole. The problem is that the existing legal definition of sexual assault requires "contact" between the victim and the perpetrator.

The alleged victim, who has stayed out of the public eye, strongly supported the bill in written testimony delivered to the legislature.

"This may actually force potential, as well as existing, sexual predators to understand that ejaculating on a person's face is not in fact funny, normal, or an act that can easily be dismissed by a misdemeanor," she said. "Although the refinement of this law will not improve my situation or case, at least I'll be able to live at ease knowing that no other innocent person will be taken advantage of by both a sexual predator and by the law."

The new law would help restore "the pride, self-worth, and safety of myself and other women victimized by thoughtless individuals such as the three men who sexually violated me and will only be convicted of a misdemeanor at best," she said.

Before its 35-0 vote Tuesday, the Senate placed the item on the "consent calendar" of non-controversial items that are passed without debate. Some lawmakers said the bill was approved on consent because some of their colleagues were uncomfortable speaking about the lurid details of the UConn case.


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