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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sports: Redsox weekend update

WoW! We went 2-3 this weekend against the Mariners with going 2-438947289423 with runners in scoring position. And the only two hits were Alex Gonzalez. With out him we wouldn't have won any games this weekend. Some people would look at this as a negative, but not me. I realize we aren't hitting well right now, but how long do you really think Manny and Ortiz will be slumping? Once they start hitting there will be no stopping the Redsox with their pitching.

Speaking out pitching, how about Schilling and Beckett starting the year both at 3-0 with a 1.64 and 1.29 era respectively. How impressive is that? I know they won't win every game they start this year, but I believe they will both win over 20 games this year. There isn't enough I can say about John Papelbon. That guy is unhittable.

The big question is where to keep him? I think he belongs in the rotation. He is capable to win 20 games as a starter so why keep him as a closer. I understand right now, while he is the only option. But once Foulke or someone else can establish themselves as a viable option I firmly believe he should be starting. There is a reason why a mediocre starter like AJ Burnett gets $55 million over 5 years, because starters are more valuable.

As for this year, Redsox are 8-4 in first place. The Yankees are tied for last with a miserable 6-6 record.


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