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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sports: Redsox pulling away with the division

I picked the Redsox to not only win the division but also the World Series this year. The Redsox won last night with pitching, defense, and a timely home run from Trot Nixon. Last year they would have lost this game. Their defense last year would not have saved the runs that it did last night.

Not only that but did Francona made a smart move. I was amazed. In the end of the game he brought in Paplebon instead of Keith Foulke to close the game. I knew if Foulke game in to save the game we would have lost. He isn't 100% yet and until he is I don't want to see him close out any games.

Watching the Yankees last night I realized why they aren't going to win it all either. They can't pitch or catch the ball. Sure they can mash the hell out of the ball and I foresee them winning a fair share of slug fests. But I don't see them winning the close games that they are accustomed to winning. They were up 4-0 early but Wang fell apart after a Jeter error than later in the game Cano made a costly error that just led to the A's taking the lead and winning 9-4.


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