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Friday, April 28, 2006

Sports: Not such a smart move

When you argue with an umpire and you get ejected do you: A) leave in a huff? B) walk away humiliated C) throw your bat at the umpire.

Well if you are Delmon Young, a minor leaguer in the Tampa Bay organizations, you would throw your bat at the umpire. This is the biggest reason why teams shouldn't be giving millions of dollars to sign these rookies. All that does is make them think they are bigger than the game.
Top Tampa Bay prospect Delmon Young was suspended indefinitely by the International League on Thursday, a day after throwing a bat that hit a replacement umpire in the arm.

"The Devil Rays organization supports the decision," said Andrew Friedman, Tampa Bay's team's executive vice president of baseball operations.

The 20-year-old Young, brother of Detroit star Dmitri Young and considered one of the best players in the minors, was ejected in the first inning following a called third strike in the Durham Bulls' Triple-A game at Pawtucket, R.I.

When Young took his time leaving the batter's box, the umpire tossed him. Young then flipped his bat underhand and it sailed end over end, striking the umpire. The umpire, whose name was not released, did not appear injured and remained in the game.

Maybe a season long suspension will make him think differently. Delmon Young should be made an example of why you can not throw bats at umpires. I wouldn't care if it was longer than a season suspension, what is did is intolerable.


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