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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sports: I guess I'm not the only person counting

Bronson Arroyo 2 Willy Mo Pena 1. Willy Mo Pena hit a shot to deep center in yesterdays lose to the Blue Jays.

David Wells looked awful yesterday. I know he is a slow starter and he didn't have much a spring training. But if he wasn't ready he should have pitched another tune up game in triple A. He had a god awful showing in his first triple A game and then it carried over to his start against the Blue Jays.
I really wish he would have been traded. I think our rotation is better with out him. Even Lenny Dinardo looked better than Wells did yesterday. Dinardo actually came in and gave the Redsox half a chance to come back and make the game close.

But I guess we can't win them all. Matt Clement will be the stopper to end our losing streak of 1.


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