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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sports: Clemens to the Redsox

There are going to be stories on where Clemens will sign until May 1st, which is coming very soon, next Monday to be exact. I hope he signs with the Redsox, but I think it is very unlikely.

But one of Clemens former team mate and long time friend, Al Nipper, says Clemens will sign with the Redsox and eventually go into the Hall of Fame as a Boston Redsox.
Roger Clemens's decision should come soon, Al Nipper said yesterday, probably within a couple of weeks, if not days, of the 20th anniversary of his 20-strikeout game against the Seattle Mariners in Fenway Park, which is Saturday.

Retirement? The way Nipper was talking, that's not on the table anymore. Sometime next month, Nipper said, Clemens will decide where he will pitch this season. And Nipper, Clemens's former teammate, longtime friend, and once-and-perhaps-future pitching coach, is convinced the Rocket will seriously consider staging his final act in Boston.

''I think we have a chance," Nipper said. ''We have a chance.

''We talked in Texas at great length, about things like how he'd fit in, and we talked to him about the ball club. I laid everything out. Believe me, I threw everything but the sink at him. Plus, he's going to be wearing a Red Sox hat into the Hall [of Fame], pass Cy Young [in wins by a Sox pitcher] and everything.

''We'll be talking more. We've exchanged e-mails and stuff like that. When he gets close to making a decision, I'm confident he's going to give me a call, because he told me he'd call and we'd talk more.

''I just think it would be a great ending to his career. There's no question it would give Boston, it would give our city a huge lift, it would give our club a huge lift, it would give our pitching staff a huge lift. I could not imagine going into a three-game series with Clemens, Schilling, and Beckett."

This all sounds good and I really hope Al Nipper is right, but I still think in the end the Rocket will sign with the Astros or no one at all.

Clemens has it made in Houston, he basically owns the city. Why would he sign anywhere else? Especially with the Astros in 1st place in the NL central. The only hope I thought we had, as I think the Sox are his 2nd choice, is for the Astros to be way under 500 by May 1st.

Just imagine if Al Nipper is right, can any of you imagine a rotation of Clemens, Schilling, Becket, and eventually Jonathan Papelbon. Now that is some power pitching.


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