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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sports: Baseball needs a new commish

Since Bud Selig is stepping down as commissioner in 2009 I should become the new commissioner. A fan like myself could do more to improve the game than someone who has been in the establishment their whole carrier.

My ideas to improve baseball.

1. Minimum payroll. I believe every owner should spend at least $50 million a year to make an as competitive team as possible. If a city or owner can't support that he will be forced to sell the team or move the team. Not only will this stop teams like the Marlins from spending $15 million on their payroll it will also stop owners like George Steinbrenner from complaining about revenue sharing. Owners should not be allowed to just pocket revenue sharing and not put it back into the team, that is not what it was set up for. Revenue sharing was set up to have a more competitive balance in baseball.

2. Instant replay. There are too many blown calls in baseball. I know umpires are human and do their best. But they aren't perfect. Instant replay won't be for balls and strikes it will be for the close call at home or the home run ball you can't quite tell if it was a home run or hit the top of the fence. Unfortunately umpires get these calls wrong from time to time and an instant replay will ensure correct calls. Just like football there will be a limit on how many calls you can challenge, because baseball isn't as aggressive of a sport as football, I'd limit it 2 per game.

3. Contraction. There are too many teams in baseball with the talent level spread too thin. To improve the game there should be less teams. With more talent on each team it will make it easier to achieve the minimum salary with more players on the market every year.

4. No guaranteed salaries. The unions will hate this, but bad contracts bury teams and makes them not competitive for years. It works in football and will work in baseball. Fans should not get punished for stupid owners. If an owner signs a bad player for a lot of money and that player does not perform he should be cut with out being paid.

5. Afternoon play off games. The TV networks may not like this, but how many kids get to see a World Series game now a days when they start after 8. Sometimes I can't even stay up late enough to finish the games. Baseball is losing bad with the kids. Mostly because they can't watch the games.


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