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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sports: AL East update

A lot has changed this weekend, but one constant is the Redsox. We are still in first place. Toronto has become are nemesis, we just can't beat them on a regular basis. Good thing there is no chance of them making the play offs. Especially now that AJ Burnett is back on the disabled list. He will go down as one of the worse signing in Blue Jays history. 55 Million for a below 500 pitcher that can't even stay healthy.

Yankees are back in 3rd place, soon to over take 2nd place. They are now 8-0 in day games and 1-8 in night games. I think they need to play more night games myself. Seeing them back below 500 would make me happy. But some how even if they do fall a few games below 500 by the end of the year they will still win 90 games and miss the play offs.


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