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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thoughts: It pains me to agree with the ACLU

A woman got a ticket for having a lewd and profane bumper sticker that happened to be anti-Bush. She believes she got the ticket because the cop disagreed with her politics. Even though she is an idiot, I don't think "I am tired of all the Bushit" is lewd or profane. At least not anymore than the ones I have on my truck.
An anti-Bush bumper sticker has led to a battle over First Amendment freedom of speech rights for one nurse working on assignment at Emory University Hospital. On March 10, nurse Denise Grier was surprised to find a police officer behind her with the lights on his patrol car flashing. "I didn't think he was pulling me over," she said. "I wasn't doing anything wrong." But when Grier slowed down, the officer followed suit. He cited Grier with violating a state law prohibiting lewd or profane stickers and decals on vehicles. The bumper sticker for which Grier was pulled over takes a dig at President Bush. It reads "I'm Tired of All the BUSHIT." "My belief is that he simply pulled me over because he doesn't agree with my politics," Grier said. "That's just an abuse of his power. He can't give people tickets for those things." Soon after receiving the ticket, Grier contacted the American Civil Liberties Union to help represent her when she contests the misdemeanor charge and $100 fine in court next month.
My bumper sticker reads "Diplomacy is like masturbation, sure it may feel good but in the end you still have a big mess to clean up." I don't think that is any less lewd or profane than this lady's bumper sticker and I would be quite pissed if I got a ticket for that. It really does pain me to agree with the ACLU, but I am sure this will be dropped in court and she won't have to pay for the fine.


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