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Monday, March 13, 2006

Thoughts: I just have one question

Where is FEMA?

Homeowners across the Midwest were aghast Monday at nature's fury after a barrage of tornadoes, hail and rain left 10 people dead and destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes.

"It's just amazing how devastating it is," said Mayor Tim Davlin of the Illinois capital of Springfield, which nevertheless escaped with no deaths or serious injuries. "It looks like the pictures we saw a couple months ago after Katrina."

Thousands of homes and business lost electricity over the weekend. The University of Kansas and numerous public schools closed Monday because of storm damage and power outages, and many Illinois state workers in the capital were told to stay home.

Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt declared a state of emergency and authorized the National Guard to help with the cleanup. Nine of the dead were in Missouri.

Maybe because this twister is only killing white people the liberals don't care. If this twister happened in an all black neighborhood I'm sure we would be hearing that Bush's doesn't care about black people, isn't that right Kayne West?

I wish these people my best and my prayers are with them.


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