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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sports: To play or not to play

That is the question. Whether or not Farve will be playing for the Packers next year.
All the Packers' offseason moves still haven't helped Brett Favre decide whether to return to Green Bay.

Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, told ESPN's Chris Mortensen on Wednesday that the quarterback has yet to decide whether he will play for the Packers next season or retire.

However, Cook did confirm that Favre and the Packers had agreed to a second extension on the deadline for the $3 million roster bonus Favre is due. The bonus deadline was originally extended by a week to March 20. Now, according to Cook, it has been extended until the first week of April.

Under terms of the contract, Favre would become an unrestricted free agent if the Packers do not pay the bonus. But all along, the sides had an understanding that the payment deadline would be pushed back if Favre needed more time to decide on his future.

Favre triggered retirement rumors after the Packers stumbled to an uncharacteristic 4-12 finish. Ted Thompson, the Packers' general manager, said he's not rushing the 36-year-old to make a decision, though he'd like to know soon enough so he can adjust if necessary.

I still think he will be back next year. Farve loves football and still has the ability to play. Until he loosing his ability to play at a top level he will continue to play and play well. Of course last year didn't seem too good, but he basically was playing with a highschool football team. The Packers have made a few moves in the offseason and should be better this year.

Plus I doubt Farve wants to leave the league with the sour taste of last years season in his mouth.

Mark my words, he will be back.


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