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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sports: Soriono agreed to play outfield

I wonder if Soriono can play left field better than he can play 2nd base. I do know one thing, he can't be any worse.
Alfonso Soriano's only chance in left field Wednesday was a reminder of the good old days, before the Washington Nationals finally persuaded him to change positions.

Soriano jogged in a few steps to catch a routine fly ball by Albert Pujols and then threw to second base to double off David Eckstein.

"I never think I'm going to make a double play in the outfield," Soriano said. "But I did it."

Soriano agreed to make the move from second base only two days after refusing to take his new spot in the outfield. The Nationals had a day off Tuesday, giving him time to accept the switch.

I'm glad he finally agreed to play the outfield. But that leads to the question, why did he agree to play the outfield? He knows he is going to be traded. He doesn't want to play for the Nats and I'm sure the Nats don't want a disgruntled 2nd baseman playing leftfield for them.

Newsday reported Soriono wants to play for the Yankees so bad he is willing to play outfield.
Alfonso Soriano's dream is to return to the Yankees, where he had his greatest glory, people familiar with his situation said yesterday. But while Soriano's days with the Nationals appear to be dwindling, his chances to move to either the Yankees or Mets appear remote. Soriano's interest in the Yankees is so high that one person familiar with his situation said he'd probably be willing to play the outfield for them, or possibly DH. But the Yankees, who have rising star Robinson Cano at second base, are stacked offensively. One high-ranking Yankees person said Soriano "doesn't fit" when asked about him late Monday night. According to one person close to him, Soriano has kept his north Jersey condo in hopes of returning to play in New York.


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