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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sports: Redsox update

I don't think Francona is the best manager in baseball but he was the manager when we won our first world series in that 86 year drought. With saying that I think he should have a job for life, even though I'll bitch about him every year, just the way us Redsox fans are. Francona just received a 2 year extention going through 2008.

Graffanino's time as a Boston Redsox is coming to an end. His contract becomes fully guaranteed on March 29th, if not traded before Boston would be responsible for his contract. He is a decent player and I'm sure there are plenty of ball clubs calling Theo asking what it will take to get Gaffanino. I don't think it will take any more than a marginal relief pitcher to get his services. We can never have too much pitching.

Redsox still need a back up catcher with John Flahety unexpectedly retiring. So who will they look for? How about our old friend, Doug Mirabelli. I liked the trade for Loretta for Mirabelli earlier this year, but I still hated to loose Mirabelli. I for one would love to have Belli here catching Wakefield for another year. Maybe they will take Graff for Belli? Better yet how about packaging Graffanino and Wells for Belli and Osaka? Now that is wishful thinking.


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