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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sports: NCAA upset

Holy crap, Uconn lost. And I don't have one team left in the bracket.

And if you look below I picked George Mason over Uconn. Well only as a joke because every other team I picked this weekend lost. I was hoping for some reverse psychology.

I was watching the GMU/Uconn game this weekend and I kept on saying there is no way Uconn can come back so many times in one tournament. Uconn was down 4 with about 20 seconds left and I thought the game was over, but sure enough Uconn miracously sent the game into overtime. In OT I figured Uconn would wipe the floor with GMU because they had all the momentum. I was shocked that GMU came right out the gate and went up 4 in OT and never looked back. And then again in the end of OT GMU had a 4 point lead with about 30 seconds left. Uconn cut the lead to two with GMU going to the foul line. They missed both and when Uconn went down the floor I thought they were going to tie it up or shoot a three for the win. Sure enough they got a really good look from the 3 point line that just missed. All in all I thought it was a very exciting and enjoyable game to watch, and this is coming from someone who does not like basketball.

On my way to work this morning listening to Mike and Mike in the morning they are comparing this upset to the 1980 Miracle on Ice and Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. Now I can't compare anything to the US beating the Russians in 1980 so I am going to immediately throw that comparison out the window as nothing can ever come up to that.

I don't see how you can compare someone becoming the Heavy Weight Champion of the World to GMU advancing to the final four. Sure it was a great upset, but they haven't won the championship game yet. If GMU goes on to the finals and wins the National Championship then you can compare all you want. I know I will be rooting for the George Mason Patriots to win it all.

Oh and Florida beat Villanova.


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