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Friday, March 24, 2006

Sports: NCAA bracket update

So much for my predictions. My bracket went to shit in a hurry.

Duke lost to LSU. This game was frustrating to watch. JJ Reddick couldn't do crap. He just plain sucked. Sure he was double teamed the whole night, but when you are the star player that can't stop you. They were down 4 at half and I really thought JJ Reddick was going to get things going in the 2nd half to carry my bracket to victory. But alas I guess I'll have to wait till next year to win a bracket.

Luckily I picked Memphis over Bradley. This game was close early but Memphis pulled away through out the game. Stupid CBS didn't switch back and forth between this and the Duke game much so I didn't get to see much at all. Sad thing is this is the only pick I got right.

When I went to bed Gonzaga was whooping on UCLA, so I figured hey at least I'd get two right and I went to sleep. Shocking to find when I woke up UCLA came back and beat Gonzaga. What the hell...The NCAA Gods have to be against me.

Texas beat West Virginia on a last second three pointer. When I went to bed Texas was handily beating West Virginia, I was surprised to see they came back so much to the point that they lost on a last second shot.

Oh well there is always next year.


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