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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sports: NCAA bracket update 2

Well I am completely fucked. No doubts about it. Most of my earlier predictions were completely wrong.

BC completely choked and blew a 16 point lead loosing to Villanova. I was watching most of this game while bowling and it just disgusted me. I couldn't believe Nova came back to beat BC.

I had no stake in this game, but at least I was right that George Mason would beat Wichita State.

My one saving grace was Florida beating Georgetown. I have them losing in the elite 8 so it doesn't really matter. I am just happy I finally got something right.

Now this was the game of the night. Uconn should have lost this game, no doubt in my mind. But some how they pulled out a win over Washington.

Hopefully everyone else is as fucked as I am, but seeing as I picked Duke vs BC in the finals I don't think it really matters.

As for tonights game I want:

Texas over LSU

Memphis over UCLA


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