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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sports: Johnny the idiot

Hey Johnny what uniform are you wearing? Those are pinstripes and they certainly aren't red. I wonder how long it is going to take him to realize us Boston fans just don't care what he thinks or says anymore, so stop talking about the Redsox. You sound like a jilted lover who wants to get back with his ex. But it just isn't going to happen.

After the U.S. team was eliminated last Thursday night in Anaheim, Damon said he tried to get a charter plane to take both his Yankee teammates — Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez — as well as his old Red Sox pals Jason Varitek and Mike Timlin back to Florida. Yankees and Red Sox traveling together? Ultimately it didn't happen since "the shortness of time made it hard to put together," Damon said, but "it would have been great if we could have done it."

It wouldn't have been a little awkward for players on both sides of baseball's biggest rivalry?

"Nah, I think the media brings the rivalry to hatred, but it's not quite like that," he said.

And what about Varitek and A-Rod — who famously traded blows in 2004 — flying together?

"I'm sure it would have been fine. Alex is so into his daughter and family anyway, it wouldn't have been any issue," Damon said. Whether that's just the latest example of Damon's perpetually happy-go-lucky attitude remains to be seen, but it's clear he's pretty secure with his new team.

I like the rivalry and if I remember correctly Johnny Damon built up the rivalry when he said he would never play for the Yankees ever. Well I guess everyone has a price and we found out Damon's price was $52 million.


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