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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sports: Countdown to opening day

I drafted my first fantasy baseball team of the year last night. Now I am even more excited for baseball to start back up. Only 4 more days counting today.

Schilling is all set to start the Redsox opener.
Pacing around the clubhouse in full uniform and covered with a blue warmup jacket roughly an hour before Wednesday's contest, you might have assumed Curt Schilling had somehow gotten his days confused and thought this was actually his Opening Day start at Texas and not a mere tuneup versus the Pirates.

In truth, Schilling was eager just to get this one out of his way and take his healthy right ankle -- something he couldn't say he had at any time a year ago -- into a game that counts.

The health question was answered at the outset of Spring Training, at least in Schilling's mind. He could tell by the way the ball was popping out of his hand.

Now, there's the other question that he's even more curious about. Can he still dominate? Schilling knows exhibition games can't even come close to answering such a question.

"I want to believe that physically I can be where I was, if not better, because I feel like I've added some things, and mentally I'm better," said Schilling. "Until you go out there and it counts, you can think all you want. I'm human, so I want to see myself get it done, so that's probably where a lot of the nerves come from."

And I am all set to watch the Redsox opener. I am psyched to see how Schilling can hold up for the year. I have full confidence that he will start 30+ games this year for the Redsox with out his ankle holding him back.


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