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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sports: The Bruising Redsox

Don't mess with the Redsox this year, we will send Julian Tavarez on your ass. I'm sure Joey Garthright will think twice before messing with him again.
Boston reliever Julian Tavarez punched Tampa Bay's Joey Gathright on Monday, and both were ejected after a brawl that began with a close play at home plate. Gathright was sliding into home in the eighth inning when he was tagged out by the often-hot tempered Tavarez, who stepped on the outfielder's right arm. Gathright, still on the ground, then used his left forearm to push Tavarez's left knee.

Before Gathright got up, Tavarez struck a blow in the area of Gathright's left jaw, and players flocked in from the benches and bullpens. No other players appeared to throw punches, and order was restored after a few minutes.

I am just pissed I missed it, I love baseball brawls.

Well apparently Tavarez punches like a women.
Gathright was stunned by the unexpected punch after being tagged out by Tavarez when he tried to score from third base when teammate Julio Lugo got caught in a rundown between first and second. He wasn’t hurt.
“He hits like a woman,” Gathright said.

Sounds like Gathright is pissed his got punched and trying to talk back to Tavarez. I expect to see much more of this during the seaon. I have no doubt there will be plenty of retaliation for this incident.


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