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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sports: Another spoiled athlete

This really does make me sick. I wish I had half the talent Alfonso Soriono had. I know if I was able to play in the majors I wouldn't bitch about being asked to switch positions like Soriono has done with the Nationals asking him to play the outfield instead of his natural 2nd base. Which he doesn't even play well.

Alfonso Soriano refused to play the outfield for the Washington Nationals in what was supposed to be his spring training debut Monday night, and general manager Jim Bowden said his biggest offseason acquisition will go on the disqualified list if he doesn't agree to switch positions this week.

"The player refused to take the field, which we believe is a violation of his contract," Bowden said.

Soriano, a four-time All-Star second baseman, was listed as batting leadoff and playing left field on a lineup sheet posted in the Nationals' clubhouse before Monday night's 11-5 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But when the Nationals took the field in the top of the first, Soriano wasn't out there. With play just about ready to start, left field was empty.

Confused players and fans looked toward Washington's dugout. The only person to emerge, however, was manager Frank Robinson.

I hope he gets put on the disqualified list and gets screwed out of the $10 mil he is owed by the Nats. Players shouldn't have this kind of power, if the manager tells him to go play left field he should go play left field whether he wants to or not.


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