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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sports: He only wishes

It has been 5 glorious years since the Yankees have won the World Series. That has to seem like 86 years to the Yankee fans. But don't worry Yankee fan, Steinbrenner guarantees a World Series ring this year.
George Steinbrenner is predicting the New York Yankees' five-year World Series drought will end this October.

"We're going to win it this year," the Yankees owner said Wednesday. "We're going after it."

The Yankees haven't won the World Series since beating the New York Mets in 2000. They lost to Arizona in 2001 and to Florida in 2003, were eliminated by the Angels in the first round of the playoffs in 2002 and 2005, and wasted a three-game lead against Boston in the 2004 AL championship series.

I don't even think the Yankees will make the play offs. Sure they will score tons of runs but I don't think their pitching will be enough to carry them through out the 162 game schedule.

There is no way Aaron Small or Shawn Chacon will duplicate what they did last year. If those two didn't have the year they had the Yanks wouldn't have even made the play offs last year. Yankees got older while the Redsox got younger, and don't even get me started on the Blue Jays.

George you shouldn't make promises you can't keep. I promise you that.


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