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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sports: Why?

SI wants to know why Peyton is taking shit for losing and Brady isn't?

Why? The same reason most people don't give Bret Farve crap when he slips up, they both have Superbowl rings to back up their greatness.

Until Peyton Manning wins the big game he will always be known as a good QB in the regular season but a poor QB under pressure. Peyton looked awful against the Steelers last week, pressured and worried. Brady, while he did make some mistakes, most notably the interception to Champ Bailey, he still looked calm and collective and drove the Pats down the field.

Until Peyton shows me and the world he can play good in the big games he will always take more heat when he messes up. There is no question Brady is one of the best QB's in the game, especially in the big games. Winning his first 10 play off games is enough proof for that.

So is it fair that we give Peyton heat for losing and not Brady? Of course it is. Just like it is fair that we give Michael Vick heat for throwing interceptions and losing games and not giving Bret Farve heat. Until you prove yourself and win a Superbowl you deserve all the heat you get.


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