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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thoughts: When liberals attack

It is even better when they attack their own kind, especially Hillary Clinton. No they didn't pie her, but her liberal wacko base did heckler her.
It takes a pretty motivating person to get 4,000 high school and college students up bright and early on a Saturday. In Chicago, Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton did just that.

But her visit was not entirely without controversy.

Protesters interrupted her several times as she gave a keynote speech at Roosevelt University.

They demanded the senator join in a call to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq.
I find this pretty funny, she is killing her own chances to run for President in 2008 because she is not pandering to her base. Hillary is one of the most liberal Senators in the Senate. But she has been trying to move to the right, even though I don't believe one word of it, to hopefully win the Presidency.

She knows, more than any other Democrat, liberals don't win national elections. I am loving the fact that the Democrats are moving more and more to the left. It is making it easier for Republicans to get elected into office.

The American people aren't for anything the extreme left is for. We don't want higher taxes, more government regulations, we don't want to cut, run, and surrender in Iraq. As long as the Democrats are being lead by the extremists in there party.


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