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Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts: This is just sad

It is sad to see what the modern Democratic Party has become. A once great party has fallen into despair. In the latest Fox News Poll a majority of Democrats think the world would be better off with Saddam in power. How can a sane person actually believe that?

Democrats have given Saddam Hussein a shocking vote of confidence in the latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics survey, with a solid plurality saying the world would be better off if the Butcher of Baghdad was still in power.

Forty-one percent of Democrats gave Saddam a thumbs up, while just 34 percent said Iraq is better served with the murderous dictator gone, reports the New York Post.

This is just plain sad. How is the world better off with a murderous dictator thug? Can anyone please tell me how?

I'm sure all the people Saddam raped, murdered, and pillaged will agree with the Democrats that they were better off with him in power. Aren't the Democrats supposed to be for freedom? When did they turn into the party who was against freedom?

Actually I take that back, they are just against freedom when a Republican is in office.


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