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Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts: Calafornia is a quagmire

We must pull out. In 2004 there were more than 2.5 times the murders in CA than there were deaths in Iraq. Using the democrats theory, wouldn't that make CA more of a failure than Iraq?
Recently released crime statistics show the homicide rate in California is 265 percent higher than the death rate suffered by U.S. and British military personnel in Iraq.

According to the report "Crime in California 2004," compiled by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, there were 2,394 reported homicides in the Golden State last year. That compares with 905 deaths of coalition forces in Iraq, chiefly Americans and Brits, during the same time period.

Doesn't? Come on Murtha, please tell me how the Calafornia people must be broke and worn out.

Every death in CA or Iraq is tragic. But if you put the numbers into check, the 2000+ US service men and women we lost over Iraq pales to other numbers. We loose more people a year in CA alone than we have in the Iraq war.

Iraq is and will never be a failure. This war will go down as one of the most sucessful wars in history.


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