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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thoughts: And I thought this was going to be important

Two of our American allies in Iraq are set to withdraw their troops from Iraq.
Two of America's allies in Iraq are withdrawing forces this month and a half-dozen others are debating possible pullouts or reductions, increasing pressure on Washington as calls mount to bring home U.S. troops.

Bulgaria and Ukraine will begin withdrawing their combined 1,250 troops by mid-December. If Australia, Britain, Italy, Japan, Poland and South Korea reduce or recall their personnel, more than half of the non-American forces in Iraq could be gone by next summer.

Japan and South Korea help with reconstruction, but Britain and Australia provide substantial support forces and Italy and Poland train Iraqi troops and police. Their exodus would deal a blow to American efforts to prepare Iraqis to take over the most dangerous peacekeeping tasks and craft an eventual U.S. exit strategy.

Oh no! Bulgaria and Ukraine are pulling out of Iraq, the war is over. Who cares what two little piss ant country do anyways. I'm sure the media will play this up and say how much of a mistake this war was and how much of a tyrant Bush is.

This would can't rely on countries like those to protect the freedom of the world. Countries like American, Britain, and Australia are the only countries we can rely on to protect the world from itself.


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