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Monday, December 19, 2005

Sports: Well that debate is over

I guess we won't have to discuss whether or not the Colts should or shouldn't start all their players to reach 16-0 as they lost to the Chargers yesterday 26-17. I picked the Chargers in my pick-em league at Poolhost. Which I am currently in first place I'd like to add.

I was happy to see the Colts loose, but probably not as happy as the 72 Dolphins were. Every year they celebrate when the last undefeated team looses. As much as it pains me to say, the 1972 Dolphins are the greatest team in NFL history and until another team goes undefeated I will continue to believe that.

The reason I was ecstatic that the Colts lost is because I'm a Patriots fan. I don't want another team over shadowing the Patriots success. And the way the Pats have been playing as of late I think they are primed up to win their 3rd straight SuperBowl.


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