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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sports: Konorko's signing good for the Redsox?

Well if you want to trade Manny it is good for the Redsox. Both the Angels and Mets were and are looking for a big bat in the middle of their order and Manny fits that criteria.
Now that free agent slugger Paul Konerko has eluded the Angels’ grasp, the team has intensified talks with the Red Sox for a trade that would bring Manny Ramirez to Anaheim.
After Konerko signed a five-year, $60 million deal to return to the White Sox yesterday, there were strong indications from Yawkey Way that the Red Sox were focusing on what package of players to seek from the prospect-rich Angels in return for Ramirez. That does not mean that a deal is close or even certain, but it could rapidly gain momentum with the winter meetings set to begin in less than a week.

The Angels are believed to be the No. 1 choice for Ramirez, although the Mariners and Mets meet his approval as well. The Angels, meanwhile, have plenty of reasons to pursue Ramirez. Providing protection for Vladimir Guerrero in the heart of the lineup is why the Angels were in search of a big bat.

The Angels will have to give up a fair amount of talent to obtain Ramirez. Right-hander Ervin Santana is on the Red Sox’ wish list, but earlier this offseason they were told he is not available. Other players of potential interest to the Red Sox are first baseman Casey Kotchman, switch-hitting Kendry Morales, who can play first and the outfield, and second baseman Howie Kendrick.

If we Could get Irvin Santana and a few of their prospects I'd jump all over that deal. He shut down the Redsox a few times this year and is a hell of a pitcher and I think has a hell of a future in baseball.

As for the Mets, the only player I'd take for Manny is David Wright. But there is NO WAY the Mets would trade him for Manny.


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