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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sports: I still don't know how I tested positive for steroids

What a joke. I used to respect Rafael Palmerio. Now he is just a lying hasbeen.

I'm not sure why I am even bothering to write about him here today. Probably because I find it funny he is still trying to deny sticking a needle in his ass to inflate his numbers. The sad thing is he was the only one I believed who testified in front of Congress.

Sosa embarrassed himself by pretending he doesn't speak English well enough and needed a translator.

McGuire embarrassed himself by not talking about the past and only wanted to talk about the future.

But in the end neither Big Mac or Sosa tested positive for steroids, only Palmerio.

The only way I would gain any semblance of respect for Palmerio is if he came out and told the truth. I want to here an apology from Palmerio for sticking a needle up his ass and injecting himself with steroids.

Until then, just shut the fuck up!


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