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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove update

So much for the Manny for Vasquez trade. He just got shipped to the White Sox for El Duque and Chris Young. I didn't really expect the White Sox to get Vasquez so I am kind of shocked to see trade go down. This just might make the White Sox the favorites to win the AL Central and put them back into the World Series if he can pitch like he is capable.

I don't understand this either, why would Billy Beane trade for Milton Bradley. Bradley is a good player, but he is a head case. He is the last player I'd want the Redsox to pick up as he will be bad for the locker room.

I'm still waiting till I can post the 3 way trade netting the Mets Manny Ramirez and the Redsox getting Miguel Tejada.


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