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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

I feel bad for the Dodgers and all their fans. They just signed Grady Little to a two year deal. Now when you talk about awful managers he takes the cake. For every one not a Redsox fan, he was the asshole who left Pedro in an innings too long in 2003 against the Yankees. Every one could see Pedro had nothing left in him in the 7th, why in the world he left him in to start the 8th is beyond me. If only we could have won game 7 in the ALCS in 2003, we might have been able to break the curse a year early. Good luck Dodgers.

I was hoping the Redsox would a way to deal for Sean Casey, but it seems like the Pirates made a trade for the first baseman. Especially now that Olerud says he is retiring we could have used a solid lefty first baseman. This is a good trade for the Pirates, as they already have pretty decent pitchers and could semi compete next year if they can pick up another decent bat.

People keep on asking me if I think Clemens will pitch next year. Of course he says if he has to choose right now a he would retire. While saying that Garner is preparing for live with out Roger. But I don't think Garner will have to see what life with out Roger is like. I don't believe he will retire. How can he? If he had some actual run support this year he would have won the Cy Young. I have no question about that. Clemens will be his old dominant self in 2006 and you heard it here first.


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