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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Wow...a lot to go through today.

I guess there will be no Manny for Soriona trade with the Rangers. They traded their second baseman to the Nationals for Brad Wilkenson. Again I think this works for both teams. The Rangers wanted Soriono to try out the outfield and he was unwilling and Brad Wilkenson has the talent, but I think just needs a change on scenery. Plus he will be protected by the tons of talent Texas has in their line up. I think Frank Robinson can handle Soriono better than most managers too.

Blue Jays are really trying to push them selves into the front of the AL East. They added another bat for the middle of their line up in Lyle Overbay. Good for the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays will be one tough opponent next year for both the Yankees and Redsox, as well with the rest of the American League. This is bad for baseball, rating wise, if the Redsox and Yankees don't make it into the play offs. So hopefully they can just knock off the Yankees and the Redsox can win the Al East.

The ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer, has resigned with the Mariners. Here is a guy I wish the Redsox never traded. He has been good ever since they traded him to the Mariners. I am happy to see him resign with Seattle and hope they can compete in the AL West this year.

I was hoping the Redsox could make a big at Trevor Hoffman, but in the end much like I thought, he stayed with the Padres. I think he could have got more money else where, especially with that AJ Burnet, BJ Ryan, and Billy Wagner got this year.

Indians resigned their closer too. Bob Wickman signed a 1 year deal with the Indians for $5 million. Wickman was one of the best closer in 2005 in the American League. He tied for the AL lead in saves with 45. Good for the Indians, who I think will win the Central Division against the White Sox and Twins this year. I thought they would win the Central last year too, but as we all saw, I was wrong.

I really don't remember this many trades last year. Maybe because there was more free agent options or something. But I am liking all these trades that have been made.

When ever the Braves trade for pitchers you know they will end up being stars, just the way they operate. So we will have to see what happens to the two pitchers they received from the Diamonbacks for catcher Johnny Estrada.


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