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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Not much in the form of news today, but what news is out there is very big.

The Blue Jays land another top free agent pitcher in AJ Burnett. Of course the Blue Jays are over paying, especially for someone who has never won more than 12 games in a season. But if you are the Blue Jays you have to over pay to attract free agents to come play for you. They just gave BJ Ryan a 5 year deal and now they gave AJ Burnett 5 years $55 million.

AJ Burnett might be the best pitcher on the market right now, but he is not a $55 million pitcher. I think the Blue Jays are going to regret this signing after a few years of only winning half his games.

With this signing the Blue Jays also signed their GM, JP Riccardi to a 3 year extention. I hope the Blue Jays can start competing with the Redsox and Yankees, but I don't think this is the way to do it. Over paying unproved players like Ryan and Burnett will hurt a team far more than it will help.


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